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Motorcycle Oil Filter For Various Honda Models

Motorcycle Oil Grid Filter For Honda PC800 Pacific Coast 1989 1990 1995 1996 1997 1998 PC

Motorcycle Oil Grid Filter For Honda PC800 Pacific Coast 1989 1990 1995 1996 1997 1998 PC1

Aftermarket 100% New
High class quality and very durable
Height: 76mm
Outside Diameter: 68mm
Package includ:1pcs


Honda Motorcycles
CB400 F FK (CB-1) (Japan) 1989-1992
CB400 F FK2 FL FL2 (CB-1) (Japan)
CB400 FM FM2 (CB-1) (Japan)
CB400 Super For (Japan) NC31
CB400 F2N Super For (Japan) NC31
CBR400 RRJ RRK Tri-Arm NC23
CBR400 RR L-L2 Gull-Arm NC29
NT400 J K-2 BRO'S (Japan)
RVF400 (Japan) 1999
VLX400 Shadow (Japan)
VFR400 R 1987
VFR400 RH RH2 RJ3 Pro-Arm NC24 1987-1989
VFR400 R3-L , M , N NC30 1990-1993
CB500 R,S,T,V,W,X,Y,1,2 1994-2002
CB500 S-W,X,Y,1,2 1998-2002
CB500 Cup 1999
CBF500 2004-2008
CBF500 ABS 2004-2008
CB600 F-W,X,Y,1,2 Hornet 1998-2002
CB600 S F2-Y,1,2 Hornet 2000-2002
CBR600 FH,FJ,FK,FL PC13 PC23 1987-1990
CBR600 FM,FN,FP,FR Hurricane PC25 1991-1994
CBR600 FS,FT,FV,FW 1995-1998
CBR600 FX,FY 1990-2000
NTV600 J,K,L,M 1988-1992
VT600 C Shadow VLX 1988-1993
VT600 CD Shadow VLX 1993-1995
VT600 C CD Shadow VLX 1995-1998
VT600 C CD CD2 Shadow VLX 1999-2007
VT600 D Shadow VLX Deluxe 2005
XL600 V-H,J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y Transalp PD06 1987-2000
CB650 F2 1991-1992
NT650 J,K,L Hawk GT RC312 1988-1991
NT650 V Deauville RC47 1998-2005
NTV650 J,K2 BRO'S (Japan) 1988-1991
NTV650 P,R,S,T,V Revere RC33 1993-1997
XL650 V Transalp RD10/RD11 2001-2007
XRV650 Africa Twin RD03 1988-1990
VFR700 F Interceptor (USA) 1990-1992
CB750 F2-N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y RC42 1992-2000
CB750 Seven Fifty 2001-2002
CB750 Nighthawk 750 1991-2003
RVF750 R RC45 1994-1998
VF750 C,CD,CD2 V45 Magna 1994-2003
VF750 C,C2 Shadow 1999-2000
VF750 CP,CS 1993-1995
VFR750 FJ,FK RC24 1988-1989
VFR750 FL,FM,FN,FP,FR,FS RC36 1990-1995
VFR750 FT,FV,FW 1996-1998
VFR750 RJ,RK,RL,RM RC30 1988-1992
VT750 C CD CD2 Shadow RC44 1997-2002
VT750 CD Shadow A.C.E. 750 Deluxe 2002-2003
VT750 C2 Shadow 1999-2001
VT750 DC Shadow Spirit 2001-2007
XRV750 Africa Twin RD04 1990-1992
XRV750 Africa Twin RD07 1993-2002
PC800 Pacific Coast 1989-1990
PC800 Pacific Coast 1995-1998
VFR800 F1-W,X Interceptor RC46 1998-1999
VFR800 F1-Y,1 Interceptor (CBS&PGM) RC46 2000-2001
CBR900 RR-N,P,R,S Fire Blade SC28 1992-1995
CBR900 RR-T,V,W,X Fire Blade 1996-1999
CB1000 FP,FR,FS,FT,FV BIG 1 SC30 1993-1997
CBR1000 FH,FJ SC21 1987-1988
CBR1000 FK,FL,FM,FN SC24 1989-1992
CBR1000 FP,FR SC25 1993-1994
CBR1000 FS,FT,FV,FW,FX 1995-1999
CBR1000 F Hurricane 1987-1995
VTR1000 F Fire Storm SC36 1997-2002
VTR1000 F Super Hawk 1998-2002
VTR1000 SP-1 (requires 2 x air filters) RC51 2000
XL1000 V-X,Y,1,2, Varadero SD01,SD02 1999-2002
CB1100 SF-Y,1,2,X-Eleven 2000-2003
CBR1100 XX-V,W Blackbird SC35 1997-1998
CBR1100 XX-X,Y,1,2,3,4,5,6 Blackbird SC35 1999-2006
ST1100 A,L-G 1990-1995
ST1100 L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y Pan European SC26 1990-2000
ST1100 ABS-TSC SC26 1992-1998
ST1100 X,Y,1,2 Pan European CBS-ABS-TSC SC26 1999-2002
VT1100 C Shadow 1989-1995
VT1100 C,C2,C2-2,C3 Shadow 1100 1995-1998
VT1100 C Shadow Spirit 1999-2007
VT1100 C2 Shadow Sabre 1999-2007
VT1100 C3 Shadow Aero 1998-2002
VT1100 D2 Shadow 1999
VT1100 CT Shadow American Classic Edition 1998
VT1100 T Shadow Ace Tour 1998-2002
GL1500 Gold Wing 1988-1993
GL1500 A Gold Wing Aspencade 1991-2000
GL1500 I Gold Wing Interstate 1991-1996
GL1500 SE Gold Wing 1990-2001
GL1500 Black Widow 2001
GL1500 F6C Valkyrie SC34 1997-2003

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This product has been bought by me and I have tested it thoroughly. The seller is reliable and the product arrived in 8 days in The Netherlands. Delivery and warranty (usually just money back) goes via AliExpress.

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