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[Forum] Honda in The Netherlands

Patrick: First I would like to thank those who helped me about my CF50 - C320S, see this topic: . I didn't make a presentation so my name is Patrick, 61, located in France near Lyon. I am now retired and my main occupation is to restore my old Honda bikes and some cars (no Honda here !) that I have in the garage. I am writing an article on my website about the arrival of Honda in Europe at the beginning of the 60's, especially in France. It seems that Jules Tacheny in Belgium was the first importer of Honda bikes in 1959, for Belgium and Luxembourg. But I think that Honda was also in Netherlands, maybe in 1960, with headquarters at Rotterdam. A nice advertisement by Honda Netherlands in 1964 with Elvis:
Thanks in advance if you have some information and pictures about the arrival of Honda in your country! Patrick
Peter: Welcome, Patrick! Happy to see visitors from France stopping by! To answer your question; I don't have much material available yet about the start of Honda in The Netherlands, but perhaps the history in Belgium (Aalst) will give you some leads. (the other parts can be found at the bottom of the article) And Herman wrote an article for the website about Honda entering Europe which can be found here: The problem is that it is written in Dutch and I have no idea if an automated translation will work for you. If you have it translated automatically and think it is an interesting article for you, I can translate it into English for you. Honda Nederland BV was seated at the Nikkelstraat 17, in Ridderkerk in 1964 (source: ) In 1974, Honda Nederland seemed to have changed its legal structure from BV to NV and moved to Lierenstraat 5 in Ridderkerk (source: ) Here you find an interesting photo from 1960, made on the TT Racing Circuit: It's a bunch of loose threads, but perhaps it can be helpful for your investigation!
Patrick: Many thanks, PB, very interesting links! I emailed Herman, he answered kindly but I hesitate to ask him more information as I read in another post that he has some health problems. Do you know the exact year when Honda opened his first company in Holland?
Peter: Hi Patrick, my apologies for the very late reply, but I had to dig up some information for you. This is an excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce which indicates that Honda officially set foot in 1963. Onderneming: Handelsna(a)m(en) : Honda Nederland B.V. 
Vestigingsnummer: 000019019033 
Adres: Capronilaan 1, 1119NN Schiphol-Rijk 
Correspondentieadres: Postbus 75100, 1117ZR Schiphol 
Datum vestiging: 01-07-1963
I will publish the entire document today and will add a link to this message.
Peter: This is the download for the excerpt from the chamber of commerce: And this is the entire document, from before the merger in 2013: I hope this helps you with your article!
Patrick: Many thanks, Peter for your help, unfortunately, I can't download these 2 documents as the button "download" after "I agree to the terms" is not active? I am very surprised by the date 01-07-1963 as I was quite sure that the 1st Honda company in Netherlands was established in Rotterdam approx. 1959 or 1960! Schipol-Rijk is far from Rotterdam?
Peter: The downloads have been fixed! An error got introduced after implementing a translation function. Great, another bug hahaha. And yes, I was quite surprised as well, but this is the oldest data that I can find! There is another entry for Honda Nederland in the CoC, and that was cheaper to buy, but since it was an entry that appeared after the merger, I did not bother purchasing that document. Schiphol-rijk is quite reasonably far from Rotterdam (Still a small country), so I have no idea why the main office is there. One would expect that the Honda's were shipped in and not flown in. I will see if I can retrieve some more information!
Peter: Hi Patrick! You will have to translate this through google translate, but here is an article about Honda setting foot in the Netherlands.
Patrick: Very interesting article Peter, thanks! I understand that Honda sold its first Moped 50cc in Netherlands in 1963 and that 250 and 300cc bikes were already sold here with success ... The mystery of Honda introducing in Netherlands remains!
NB. More than a year later, I still haven't heard anything from this anymore.

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