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Little Honda Weekend

407 Little Honda Weekend Geplaatst op: 2005-11-05 12:23:20   Hits: 1171

Het is echt even Little Honda weekend hier. Het ene na het andere blok gaat door de ontvetter en kan met een beetje mazzel twee PC50's klaar krijgen. (Waarvan ééntje voor de verkoop (hint hint)

Ondertussen een muziekje van The Beach Boys of Yo La Tengo:

I'm gonna wake you up early cause I'm gonna take a ride with you
We're going down to the auto shop, I'll tell you what we're gonna do
Get on the ride, no sweat, sure we'll take you anywhere you want me to

First gear, it's all right
Second gear, hang on tight
Third gear, ain't I right
Faster, it's all right

It's not a big motorcycle, just a groovy little motorbike
It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys, that two-wheel ride
We'll go on into the hills or anywhere you wanna decide

We'll ride some hills like a champ because my Honda's built really light
When I go into the turn, lean with me, hang on tight
I think I'll put on the lights, so I can ride mine under the night

Prettig weekend!

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