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If you wish to publish an article or story on this website I am offering you the possibility to do so! I honoured even that you want to do this, so share your story! You can tell the world about your holiday, about how you fixed your Honda moped or motorbike or share your knowledge! Also, I don't care about formatting and spelling. It helps to write it as good as possible, but you submit your story and I'll do the rest!

There are a few basic rules you need to comply with to have your article published:

1. Your article is longer than 200 words. There is no cap on the total length, so do your best!
2. Your text does not hold a copyright that is less than 15 years old. This of course does not count for your own story or article.
3. You must supply at least one image. This image must be free of copyright. So use your own material!
4. The story must involve a Honda related subject as the main subject. This website is built around this brand and so it's stories should be about it as well.
5. If you use sources to write your article, you must mention them in the form. If you don't use external sources, please state "own story"
6. Some parts may be edited to improve the readability or for clarification, be ready to receive an email from me to discuss this with you
7. Your submission can be declined. This website has no place for politics, racism, hate and intolerance. I'm fine with you telling the world that your Honda made the Yamaha eat dust, but keep things civil. The world is enough of a nasty place as it is already. If I decline your story, I will let you know and motivate my reasons why and you can then still rewrite it so it can pass and be published.
8. Stories coming from an invalid email address or throw-away e-mail address will be automatically declined.

Thank you!!

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