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New material has been submitted!

Provided by Cyril via Axle! Thank you! :D

Honda Bladet 2012 - 50th anniversary Sweden
Workshop manual for Honda XL600V (1987-1992) (Spanish)
Owner's Manual XL600V (Czech)
Owner's Manual PCX150 (Czech)
Owner's Manual PCX125 (Czech)
Owner's Manual CBR125R (Czech)

Few more days, please

I am still somewhat under the weather. Urgent emails are still answered, but all others are in the queue and will be answered and processed in due time. Back soon :)

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Time for some maintenance

Currently some things on the website are in the process of being optimized. Some items like the privacy statement needs to be altered as all registrations are now actively being checked against off-site spam databases. This happened before already but with an on-site database that was always a little behind.

This new system makes it possible to replace a few other systems and so the overal speed of the website will be improved. Fewer false positives will occur as well, the anit-spam database will be maintained automatically and overall I have more time to do fun stuff in general.

Today I have been alerted that the donation page didn't work any more and this was caused by the new system. It happens. This too has been solved and perhaps another bug will surface in the whole process of replacing systems. Please be so kind to notify me if you have the time.

Maintenance will be ready around midnight (GMT+1) but if all goes well, you will not notice it.

Thank you for your trust and visits! :)

Time for some maintenance

cub in kokkoku

Off to the part shop to buy some bits and bytes for the website as wel as a fresh rag to clean things up! Maintenance will be done during the day (sept. 3rd) and you will not notice anything if all goes well.

Thank you for your visits, uploads, kind words and your donations!