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Honda PC50 is ready for action!

New fuel petcock (no giggles), new fuel line, new spongy toilet roll and a freshly cleaned carburettor. All ready for a little shopping spree at the Asia Store to get some ingredients for a noodle dinner.

photo 2020 06 05 23 15 46

I have to confess that this is the first time in MANY years that this Honda PC50 has a new spongy toilet roll filter! So I am curious how it rides tomorrow. And sure, a filter is always better than none. But I just never thought of buying a fresh one and rode without one!

photo 2020 06 05 22 47 05

This is the old original fuel petcock which will be placed back once I have replaced the rubber gaskets on the inside. It's also a pretty standard part, but I totally forgot to get one this afternoon.

photo 2020 06 05 22 47 04

Hmmmm, doesnt look very pretty and made from 100% Chinesium. But it will have to do for now. For now, and since a long time, it's not leaking fuel from the tank until the carburetor.

photo 2020 06 05 22 46 01

photo 2020 06 05 22 46 01 2

Cat tax :D

New stuff for my PC50 and CD125!

Hooray, stuff! Gaskets for the CD125's fuel petcock (there, i said it) and filters and a new petcock for my PC50. Why new? Well, I have the intention of finding a proper gasket for the old one and then I will refit it again. But in the meanwhile I want to ride on a nifty, thrifty Honda. Not on the Exxon Valdez. Because boy that old thing is leaking a lot of fuel.

So, if you live in The Netherlands and you see some weirdo on a PC50, wearing a blue glitter helmet from 1968... then do wave because that's me! Have a great weekend and stay safe!

new stuff for honda pc50 and cd125

Organic, sundried Honda PC50 Carburettor

Fresh harvest from the carburettor tree!

photo 2020 05 31 12 01 00

But no, my Honda PC50 didn't want to start after standing still for over two years. So into the ultrasonic cleaner it goes! The spark plug also needed so cleaning and adjustments so that has been taken care of as well. This "oily-rag maintained" PC50 should get a proper overhaul as well. But all in due time. @_@

Progress on the CD125 indentification!

Hi all! Everyone's been so very helpful, thank you all very much! I've received many good leads and it's pretty fun to search for data! It's been suggested that the tank would not be the right one for this model. And this makes sense since one can mostly only find CD125 images with differently looking fuel tanks. So a CL160D tank was suggested by Patrick! And yes this looks very close to the one I have! I noticed a difference though!

photo 2020 05 29 11 39 58 photo 2020 05 29 11 40 02

This is my fuel tank's mounting points.

s l1600 s l16005

This is a CL160D fuel tank! What I noticed from this eBay ad is that the mounting points were different. So I started to inspect my tank a little bit closer to see if those mounting points were replaced at some point in time. They have not, this an original, unmodified fuel tank.


It's also funny to read that there is a lot of confusion around the early, dare i say first Honda CD125 like this. And every time it is the fuel tank that throws people off. Take this example!

cd125 1 CD125

ashimotok0: Anyone know if final library shot is a genuine tank and alternative colour scheme as I love it.

66Sprint: Ash, I can tell you the "S-90" shaped tank came on some US models of the CD. (1967 I think)
The tank on the "needs love" bike in the first pic appears to me to be a CL 125 twin tank.

Also interesting is the following:

ashimotok0: This is slightly different though as it's a CD125 never sold in the UK.

So now what? Well, let's enter different parameters in Google and do another search. I should be working right now, but it's not letting me go, haha. Again I end up at CMSNL, but they do not have the right parts list for this particular model. I am sure there are plenty compatible parts, but I want facts. I want to see my fuel tank in a parts list!

There is a small INFO button on that website that I completely missed. And lo and behold, the tiny picture becomes a larger one. I've been looking for it already, but I was unable to find it. So here it is, flat seat, white tank, indentation in the exhaust pipe and the only difference here what I can see is the headlight/speedometer housing that seems to be different.

honda cd125a big00007909 cf76

So let's see what else this page tells us;

First Honda 125 to use the new lightweight side cam-chain drive engine, the replacement for the C92 type unit. Launched in Japan in 1966 as a fairly soft commuter with 12.5PS @ 10,000 rpm, this was to be the for runner of the CB125SS, the SS125 and the 125 K series sports bikes. This was a handsome machine , and quite rare outside of Japan. In 1969 an ‘improved’ single seat model with heavy duty luggage rack was introduced, still with the ‘sloper’ engine and electric start, for Home market models.

In 1971 cam the third incarnation of the commuting 125 twin, this time with the upright engine, still with the same closely spaced cylinders and side driven cam chain.

The wheel diameter now being increased from 16” to 17”, made the bike a little larger, the CD125 finally bowing out with the 1973 model, with the only real change being the dropping of the oh so ‘Sixties’ tank side chrome panels. All of these work a day 125 twins are charming and coveted by collectors, that single carburettor and four speed box being one of the charms of this lower powered but oh so smooth twin cylinder unit.

Sooo, does this mean that I have a rare Honda model? That would be pretty neat! And as Crashooper noted, it's such a beauty! And completely untouched still even. Original paint and all. And the article indicates that mine is from before 1969 since my CD has a buddy seat and no electric start.

Screenshot 2020 05 29 OVI RDW Kentekencheck

This is the registration data of my Honda, and it has
been registered in NL on March 11th, 1968.

Two more things to solve: Finding a parts list and willing to buy one, as long as my fuel tank is depicted in it. I don't care in what language, I want to see this particular tank. And finally, is it a Honda CD125 or a CD125A?

Again, many thanks for the help so far! It's very much appreciated!!









Dear world, I need your help this time!

I have answered so many questions already and offered assistance all over the world and this time I really need your help. There is this beautiful Honda CD125 in my living room, patiently waiting for repairs. To get the right parts, I need to determine which exact model this CD125 is.

There are so many models visible on the internet, but nearly none like this one with an all-white fuel tank with NO chrome shields. And the ones that I find are mostly inconclusive. The framenumber is CD125-107xxxx, so 7 digits after the hyphen.

Thank you for your help!

photo 2020 05 26 17 23 57 cd125