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Menu structure change Part 1

I'm sorry it took so long all together but here you go. A PROPER user menu, including a takeout form. All EU compliant and made for your convenience. Menu order has changed a bit as well and the structural work will be done as soon as someone buys me an airconditioning device. D: (So i'll just do it when the temperatures will be lower again.


Reorganise the menu, they said...

... it will be fun, they said. But it will happen. It's high time to simplify things. And solve some bugs as well. And ignore over 1900 pages that might also need a cleanup. Just use search, please. :)


EDIT: At least one bug has been solved right now. Before you were redirected to the home page after you logged in. This was something I overlooked int he settings and has been set correctly now. You will now be sent back to the page you were, for example the page of the document you want to download. Makes sense, amirite?

Old tyres are charming

This is an old, early 60's 19" Vredestein tyre that I am about to remove from the rim because I need a replacement. Handy to have things in stock! :)









A Honda PS50 K1 Parts list has been given to me today! O:

My doorbell rang this afternoon! It was Goldie at my front door with a parts list I had been looking for for so long! I checked if it had the "weird" gearbox that I literally could not find ANYWHERE and it is in here. This is so wonderful!

ps50k1 partslist
And of course I will scan it so everyone can enjoy this Honda PS50 K1 Parts List!