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New downloads!

I managed to process a lump of uploads again and today's additions are:

Parts list for Honda NT650 Hawk GT (1988-1991)
Parts list for Honda GL1800A (2001-2004)
Parts list for Honda GL1800 (2001-2004)
Workshop manual for Honda CB900F (1980-1982)
Workshop manual for Honda NT650 Hawk GT (1988-1991)
Workshop manual for Honda CBR1000F (1987-1996)
Workshop manual for Honda CBR600 F1 (1987-1996)
Workshop manual for Honda CB900C (1980-1982)

Enjoy the uploads by Tekkis!

Soichiro's boy next to a Honda Dream


I found this pictire on this website and the machine translation is as follows:

Cute boy rider of 1953. This is an advertisement for Dream 3E. Isn't this the root of Honda (provisional)? And this boy, I heard from Mr. Asakura of Honda 100 Stock Company before about the information with Mr. Soichiro Honda's second son, Katsuhisa. That means Honda is a child of Mr. Honda ... I can cry. (If it's true ...)

ドリーム 3Eの広告です。

Why saving everything?

I'm going to repeat myself but here's a good reason; While I make a copy of many sources, I always try to mention the source where I got it from once I post it here. Well, right now I am working on processing some of that archive and this is what the source of this archive says:




Notice of Yahoo! Blog ending.

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At the end, blog posts and images that have been posted will be deleted.
Thank you for using Yahoo! Blog for 13 years.

This literally makes me scream. Thank you. Carry on. And perhaps leave a small coin? Thank you! <3

The 350th post in the advert library!

I've reached the 350th post on, my Honda Advert library. There is still plenty more to come. Like, a few hundred. If you'd like to help out, do drop me a line!

4 stroke nl ss125 1970

Young beautiful and 125cc

“Dig those lamps baby, and to think I used to ride a clapped out banger. I was gettin’ nowhere, but fast. No birds – No nothin’. So I conned the old man for a few quid and set myself rollin’for the HONDA man. Down payment… and away. The goes of me! now who do I meet on my maiden run but Susan? She just flipped dor the big stylish 125. The clean curves that mould into my body. Big powerful 4-stroke twin that takes you away from the mob. And that a sweet sound baby! Come to think of it Susan and HONDA have a lot goin’ for them… That’s why I love the pair of them!”

Source: Unknown, Octobre 18 1970 (year is an estimation)

Extra references:

Honda C50 Super Cub – 118.9.0
Honda CD90 – 168.6.0
Honda SS125 – 205.
Honda CD175A – 220.5.0

Documenting all the things

Just added some more data to the dealer's list. A list you can find under Data Archive > Honda Dealers Archive.

Here's the current list. As you can see Belgium is not well documented yet and I have no usable data for Germany still.

Honda Dealer's Address Archive

This page contains addresses of (former) Honda moped and motorcycle dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. The data comes from advertisements and newspaper articles. The addresses are intended for archival and reference purposes. Don't just go to an address, but first find out if there is still a moped dealer at that address. In some cases this is still the case, but the question is whether they still trade in Honda (parts).


Amstelveen, M.J. de Bo...

Slight change in the donations page!

Hi everyone! I have made a small change in the donation page. Previously, there was the option to make a so-called offline donation which meant that you could transfer some funds directly to the bank account without having to use paypal.

This however is a bit of a confusing system where the software thanks you for your donation and then shows the banking info. In 95% of all cases, a payment was never done eventhough it apparently looked like it due to the "thank you" page.

Of course, everything is very much appreciated and I've been happily reading the messages that were written on the payment page. So in order to prevent confusion and mixups, I need to find an altenative to [go side-by-side with] paypal. Paypal is really expensive and takes a lot from your donation unfortunately.

So if you know a nice alternative that is also cheaper, please let me know. All your input is very much welcome! <3

We're still setting things up, but have a look at our Kofi page!