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Honda C310A, mk. I, II and III - Workshopmanual - € 20,00

Description : This Honda C310 workshop manual has been heavily used, but is still in a good shape in the inside. The back on the inside is loose.
Language : Dutch
Overal quality (0-10) : 6

Netherlands : PICKUP or € 4,50
Worldwide : € 9,00 (please inquire for the current shipping rate, please)

PRICE : € 20,00

Write a note in the comments or contact me via this link.

Note: Half of the proceeds will be donated to a charity at the end of the year.

honda c310 workshop manual for sale

honda c310 workshop manual for sale

honda c310 workshop manual for sale

My place to buy my books and manuals

First of all, happy new year!!

This is a short post about the available material on this website. Most documentation you find here is salvaged from the internet and sent to me via the upload form. To my best knowledge, none of this material is in print any more and this makes it quite hard for a hobbyist to get the right documentation for the servicing or restoration of their motorbike.

Screenshot 2019 12 11 Social Responsibility New Used Books from ThriftBooks

Some of the books I have bought myself are paid out of my pocket or with the aid of your donations. And so far I bought my books at

Since its inception, ThriftBooks has purchased books from charities allowing them to focus on doing good in the community and applying the funds towards programs that give back. Over the last decade, ThriftBooks has provided more than $100 million to charity partners through its purchase of reading materials.

Truckloads of books come through our warehouse doors every day. Tens of thousands of these books are sold to customers worldwide or shipped in bulk internationally. Material we can’t use is sent to recycling plants, where each ton of 100% post-consumer copy paper (approximately 1.4 tons of books) saves 24 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 4,100 kilowatts of electricity, and 60 pounds of air pollution. ThriftBooks recycles millions of pounds of books every year.

ThriftBooks Gives partners with non-profits to provide for underserved communities, including Title I schools, prison libraries, and international literacy programs. Whether donating books or volunteering our time, we focus on promoting reading and its benefits in the world.

All the books that I have bought over the time will be put up for sale again this year. Half of the proceeds will be used to pay for hosting, the other half will be donated to a charity. So, this year I will compile a list of charities that will be donated to. If you have a suggestion for me, please let me know!

Let's have a wonderful year. Let's be nice to each other. <3

Transparency disclosure: I do not earn any revenue of any books sold on and all donations made will be proven by a receipt. If you want to donate to a charity, please follow the link under the receipt.

GIRL (1975)

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NXF 1838859-6/7/75-NEW YORK: With both sexes dressing in jeans, it's difficult at at times, to tell the boys from the girls. Cyclists, riding though New York City traffic, leaves no room for guessing, by letting other motorists know that it's a "GIRL" at the helm.

Archief Fotocollectie Spaarnestad Onderwerpen
Reportage / Serie Mens en motorfiets, motorrijwiel
Fotograaf [onbekend]
Auteursrechthebbende © Auteursrechthebbende onbekend
Materiaalsoort Foto (zwart/wit)
Nummer toegang 7.000SPAond
Inventarisnummer 102030
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