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Adding to and editing of the website never ends!


As the title already tells you, work on this website is a never ending story and I wrote earlier already about making a comprehensive catalog of all Honda models I currently have documentation of.

Things are getting slowly in the right direction and the infrastructure of the catalog is almost complete! Once this is done, you will be able to pick your model and have a overview of the data that you would need most of that particular model. The initial idea was to put -all- the data that is possibly available into one sheet, but that proved to be impossible to do, time-wise.

Also I would like to take this opportunity again to ask you to send me digital and paper documentation about every single Honda related thing so I can add this to the catalog. If you have documentation on paper, you will ofcourse get this back after it has been processed.

A "tacky" problem...

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Carelessness, intentional... I'll never know. What I do know is that staples/tacks are perfect to punch holes in tires. The positive thing is that the air leaked out slowly and I only noticed it when I arrived home! This happened a little while ago already, but I got reminded of it because I suddenly need to use the PC50 again, because my partner is having the car that day. Help me hope it will not rain tomorrow! D:


The Honda CB100 SS - A High-revving Lightweight Single

Who but Honda could build such a peppy lightweight single that revs happily above 10,000 rpm with complete reliability? This sporty 100 is certain to give you years of fun with the very minimum of fuss. Hondas of all sizes are designed so you just gas them and go. This stylish single isn't designed for touring across the country, but for flicking around town or nipping out to the beach. Solo or two-up, it's the fun way to go.

With 11 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and 5 gears in the box, you get plenty of acceleration and enough speed to keep up with the traffic. Handy helmet holder, bright lamps, big bike safety features, too.


* 11 bhp / 10,500 rpm
* 99cc OHC 4-Stroke single engine
* 87 kg (192 lb) weight
* 5-Speed gearbox
* Kick start
* Single backbone pipe frame
* 1,885 x 750 x 1,015mm (74 x 30 x 40 in) dimensions
* Specification subject to change without notice.
* Specification certified by Transport Ministry of Japan