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Dear world, I need your help this time!

I have answered so many questions already and offered assistance all over the world and this time I really need your help. There is this beautiful Honda CD125 in my living room, patiently waiting for repairs. To get the right parts, I need to determine which exact model this CD125 is.

There are so many models visible on the internet, but nearly none like this one with an all-white fuel tank with NO chrome shields. And the ones that I find are mostly inconclusive. The framenumber is CD125-107xxxx, so 7 digits after the hyphen.

Thank you for your help!

photo 2020 05 26 17 23 57 cd125

Addition to the FAQ

May the message be clear.

Q: I used pretty severe profanities in my (fake) e-mail account name because I literally have nothing better to do than to piss on your work and now I am blocked from accessing your website. I really need this manual though, can you lift this ban?
A: I have no time for people like you, you racist biggot. No.


Maintenance day!

I am VERY happy that a visitor notified me that the website was not available. Normally a subsystem would notify me about issues, but apparently things got a bit wobbly. Anyway, the website is back up and everything works. There are some residual things to do, but that shall be done today. Need to make a manual, restore a user account etc.

Please, report bug that you find! It helps me keeping things running but it also keeps everything available for your fellow Honda rider! <3