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Last weekend of my vacation

photo 2018 10 05 21 26 40

This photo is taken a few days ago, at "Number 1" and today was a good day to go out for a spin. So I decided to test the bike on the Autobahn in Germany. I have not been on the Autobahn before on a motorbike, so this was pretty neat. No speed limit, just open the throttle and go-go-go.

Of course this is an old bastard, so I didnt go faster than 95-100 mph (150-160kmh) and frankly, I'm way too chicken to go any faster. So around Hamminkeln I decided it was time to turn around. Fuel was getting low and while it's really fun to drive fast, one also drives really fast away from home. It's amazing how slow "normal" traffic goes when I crossed the Dutch border. It's very boring, I can tell you.

Anyway, the weekend will be filled with steam engines. I will visit the Nederlands Stoommachine Museum to breathe in the scent of hot grease and steel. And maybe, just maybe, I can find a volunteer's position here on the 28th. Help me hope that it will come through. It's an hour drive towards the museum, but I think it's a really neat place.

I'll resume answering your emails from monday on again! <3

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