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Honda PS50 ignition coil repair

During the disassembling of the engine, a wire broke off the coil and this was something that needed to be fixed. I have only one NOS and NIB spare and I will only use this in a real emergency. Therefor I had to find a way to repair this coil and also make it last.

The latter is tricky because it is lacquered and rigid copper wire. Prone to break but fortunately not hard to sand down with a bit of sand paper. Final step was cleaning the location up with some ethanol and finishing it off with a dab of flux.

ps50 coil repair 1

And there it is. I pinned down the wire with a tie-wrap and this will remain so till the end of days. Or until it breaks. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Oh well. For now it is a snug fit and the two wire ends are well soldered.

ps50 coil repair 2

There we go, another step completed. I will have to replace the wire connectors and then it is time to bolt this engine back in its frame! I am really looking forward and right now making a mental note not to forget to fill it up with oil.

ps50 coil repair 3

NOS: New Old Stock
NIB: New In Box

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