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Please be kind to yourself and the next owner

After spending a nice wad of money this morning on replacement parts for the PS50 and the PC50, I decided to tackle the PS50 engine first by fully disassembling it for a checkup and a thorough cleaning sesssion. The engine was not as dirty as the PC50, but that was just a matter of luck.

I can imagine that you sometimes do not have the right parts laying around when you have opened the engine block, but please just be patient, order the correct parts and have an engine that you can be proud of. This does not only count for you but also for the next owner of your bike. The next owner will notice your work and will be happy that everything can be opened with just one or two tools.

The next set of photos shows you how you should not "fix" your engine. Also, you can save yourself a lot of stress and effort if you buy a good impact screwdriver. A few well placed taps with the hammer and the bolt will come loose. Finally, when you have god knowledge of your engine and you have used the right parts and tools, an engine overhaul should not take longer than three hours!


The kickback brake is held in place by a tube clamp. This should be fixed with a collar clamp. (46511-064-000)


Some Philips screws being hammered to bits due to the lack of having an impact screwdriver.
An Allen bolt that is worn out and several flat slot heads. It's an "interesting" mix of bolts...


The clutch nut as shown here is nothing out of the ordinary. Not everyone has the right tools for this special nut.
However, this one is hammered to shreds and the nut was not even secured by the retainer clip.

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