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Time to get the Honda PC50 back in action!

It was time to get the Honda PC50 back in action. My dad wants is moped (NOT A HONDA. BOO.) serviced so I suggested that he'd stop over at my place. This is a 35km drive though, and the road towards this city is not always straight-forward. 

To get him here, I offered to pick him up and show the route and for that I needed a working moped again. As it happens so often after getting a motorcycle license, the mopeds start to gather dust in the shed. So are mine and this PC50 was not prepared for long storage. My bad, totally my fault that the carburettor was completely clogged.

photo 2018 05 26 15 11 23

photo 2018 05 26 15 11 34

So the carburettor is very easily removable and my fears became reality when I opened up the float bowl. It revealed a nice green sludge that creeped in all the jets as well. 

photo 2018 05 26 15 11 38

Again, my bad. I should have stored it "dry" and then all would have been well. It matters not, the PC50 has to work again, so I grabbed my tools and got the hole thing apart. Seriously, this thing was so dirty...

photo 2018 05 26 15 11 44

After the initial cleaning, it was time for the ultrasonic cleaner. My go-to tool for these jobs. Bought it in China, because the same model here (with a logo on it) would have set me back twice as much money.

photo 2018 05 26 15 11 49

This is my other carburettor tool kit. I have restored many carburettors already with these rootcanal drills and they are a godsent. THey do not break, they stay sharp and come in various sizes. Other dental tool is used too to brush out other cavities. (huehue)

photo 2018 05 26 15 11 53

And look at that. Good as new and ready to go! Will it work? Of course it did. Took only two kicks to get the engine running and setting the fuel and idle screw will be done later when i take it out for a spin.

Listen to this nice purr...






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