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Look at this very pretty Honda CA100T!

Mr. B.S. contacted me again to see what I could tell him about a Honda that he won on an auction! And what a Honda it is! It's a Honda CA100T with, for me, some pretty unknown extras! I was able to tell that this model was introduced (in the US market) on March 1st, 1961 and has been sold until 1962.

ca100t bs 001

It has a whopping 246 miles on the clock and has its original knobby tyres! Needless to say that the owner is very happy with it. The front fender is made from metal and the white midsection from a sturdy plastic, possibly fibreglass. This bit is something I could not find back in both my accessory books!

Then there's another weird thing. The Frame number starts with C100-K******. The C100 is not the odd bit. It's the K that's out of place. This should, according to my books, be a T.

Can anyone shed light on this?

So S. bought this beauty on an online auction, based on two grainy photos. To his surprise, the engine started right away with the help of some starter fluid (Hey, it's a Honda!) and it ran beautifully. There was only a little leak from the petcock and that was remedied quickly with a new gasket.

The fuel tank is clean, no-one seems to have messed with the engine yet and it has been resprayed professionally at some point. Weird, with such low mileage! Here are some more pictures!

IMG 4074 edit

IMG 4076 edit

IMG 4079 edit

IMG 4080 edit

IMG 4084 edit

IMG 4086 edit 

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