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New batch of parts lists uploaded!

And still not out of material to upload... fun fun ;)

partslist ca77 en 10062014 0009

Some preview images may load slowly, this is because in my upload frenzy I did not pay attention to file size. It shall be fixed and scaled down in due time. You may also notice that some models were uploaded already, but then the new file is a different version, or in a different language. Some of the new files are in portuguese (Catálogo de peças) for example.

The models uploaded today are:

Honda CA77
Honda CA95
Honda CB72
Honda CB77
Honda CB175
Honda CD175
Honda CG125
Honda CG125 (Alcohol version)
Honda CG125 Cargo
Honda CG125 ML
Honda CG125 Titan KS
Honda CG125 Titan GS
Honda CL160
Honda CL175
Honda CP77
Honda CYP77
Honda CB250N
Honda CB400N

Enjoy! :)

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