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I'm getting so TYRED of this... (get it? huehue)

(Weer even in het Engelands, want dat vindt de zoekmachine lekker. Samenvatting: binnenband weer lek, gloeiendegloeiende, plakken en weer monteren,binnenband weer lek, gloeiendegloeiende, plakken en weer monteren, binnenband weer lek, gloeiendegloeiende, klaar mee, ander laten doen. ;) update: is netjes gefixed door een motorfiets garage in Hilversum )

I really have no issues with repairing an inner tube. It's as simple as getting the wheel out, undo the tyre ffrom the rim, get the old tube out and the new one in. Grease up the tyre and the rim and flip the tyre back on the rim. Right? Right. RIIIIGHT.

Not tonight. These white-wall tyres that I currently have are very rigid but I did manage to get it off the rim and took the inner tube out only to discover that somehow last time I did this a ring slipped in and punctured my tyre.

photo 2016 03 16 22 35 00

Okay *sigh* this can happen. So in order to save some time, I got a new inner tube and mounted it in. The tyre put up quite a fight again, but I managed to get it around the rim. Inflating it immediately showed that I punctured the tyre somehow.

[insert some rather coarse language here]

Fine. So I took the inner tube out again, patched the old one, since it was a bit more slender and thus easier to mount back in. Another fight with the tyre happened. Inflated the tube. Hissing sound.

[insert some more rather coarse language here]

REPEAT PREVIOUS FIGHT after patching up three extra holes.

Okayyy so I paid even more attention now to really carefully fight that damn tyre over the rim. All seemed to go well. Seemed. Again a hiss.

So I keep puncturing this tube with my tyre tools and now I'm done with it. I will bring it to the shop and let them bother about it. Gah...

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