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Fat tyres are fat!!

Machine translated from this website:

Next "Rabasasu" is the story of the DAX "big foot".

tyre 01


It is amazing - I wonder force (^ ^;
Muffler shape that I want to put a mosquito coil during What a fun (^ ^) b

tyre 02


Chain line, has become quite outside, engine + F sprocket offset strategy?
Or, because of the layout model study measures Maybe not (laughs)
What security parts also with love and respect you ... (explosion)
This leg I would be diverted James Bond was also the favorite (laughs) from "US90

tyre 03Mr. Connery seems to have underestimated the brute power of this balloon bike.

'70 「US90」 この後「ATC90」となるモデルですね。

It is a model that is "ATC90", "US90" After this '70.

tyre 04

このタイプのモノが一番ファニーで似合っていますねぇ (^^)b

After this, you will become the tire size of quiet realistic gradually,
Things of this type Hey looking good in Fannie most (^ ^) b


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