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Bubba's Honda Drop!

Hi everybody! We would like to ask for your attention for a male condition that includes both boredom, underdeveloped reproductive organs and a severe case of "Murica!". The result of this condition is that these particular males express their frustration by demolishing Honda motorbikes. I'm pretty sure they also coin the expression "Better my sister in a whorehouse than my brother on a Honda" on a regular basis.

This is a poster from 1991 and calls all these poor people together to have a jolly therapeutic demolishing session. And why not? Honda makes more motorbikes than Harley ever can and has ever made. And if it helps these men cope with their issues, then so be it. No wonder that "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" is our slogan.


Look, they even are clever enough to drop a Honda on a Honda. Such aesthetic refinement and grace!


Funny thing is that these males are all clad in shiny black leather
and even boast about having the group Blue Oyster Cult play at their event in 1997.


But wait... Don't we also know a certain Blue Oyster? Yeah, i think you know what i am referring to.
But here is the video anyway:

So there is no need to be upset. Be kind to them, they get enough hate already. And if that takes a few Honda motorbikes, so be it. We all know better. We all chuckle when we see one of them roll by on their noisy bikes anyway. Because we all know.

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