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Warning! Hide for the Honda Zombie!

This is so far the most disturbing Honda motorbike I have seen. I was brosing around on this website to get some inspiration when I decided to look for the keyword "Honda". Doing a random search on a website took a whole different meaning today...


Hondoid - Amazing Outsider Art Masterpiece

This amazing sculpture is also a working motorcycle. You can stare at it for hours and still discover new things. The bike was originally a 1965 160c.c. Honda "DREAM" .Last reg. and N.Y.S. inspection, 2008. There is a heavy duty museum stand that was custom built just to display the bike and fits into a fittment below the engine and allows for rotating. It raises the bike about 16 " above the floor.

Something about the artist:
William J. Whalen is a local "outsider" artist dealing with the ironical, whimsical and extraordinary qualities of the found and manipulated object. The artist's vocational career is outside the arena of the fine arts as a locally known machinist in Upstate New York.

Artist Will Whalen has been professionally exhibiting his constructions since inclusion in The Ferrin Gallery Recycled show of 1995 in Northhampton, MA. His work has been included in the Outsider Art Fair in NYC's Puck Building, the Hammond Museum of North Salem, Lincoln Center NYC, Peekskill's Paramount Center for the Arts, and Artist Space in Soho, amongst others. These exhibitions have been covered by The New York Times, North County Arts, The Viking News, etc. Susan Merrill of The Journal News calls Whalen "one of the most subversive artists" she has encountered. She continues: "He makes loud and whacky statements about everyday life."

More about the price (also scary) and details are to be found here.








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