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Beware of "Heiko HH-Customs"

I would like to warn future buyers of parts and motorcycles for
Heiko H*******

Screenname: HH-Customs

It was a week ago when my partner told me he found an awesome looking CJ250T and while I was hessitating in the beginning, I grew more enthousiastic. The reason why I had my doubts was because it was a nearly new Honda (low mileage) and the "only problem" that it had was that it had no locks whatsoever and the papers were missing.

To me, this raises a red flag because this has all the signs of it being a stolen bike. But I cannot assume that everything is a bad thing, so I started to arrange things.

I bought a CJ250T frame to make the bike streetlegal in The Netherlands for €50,- and paid some administration costs of another €32,50. On top of that, we rented a van and were ready to pick it up. Almost forgot another €20,- in fuel costs...

Until today, where my partner told me that he got a message from Heiko that he had another person interested in it and that he is going to sell it to the other person. This, while we had a written agreement ("Okay alles klar DEAL!") that the bike would be bought by us. So goodbye to the money we have spent in preperations, mister Heiko just sells his stuff to another person and leaves you hanging.

Without going into much more detail, because we will not go as low as posting this persons' name and complete address, I can tell you that this person is one of the few people that are a shame for the Honda community. Heiko, be an adult and you have the chance to explain yourself by contacting me trough the contact form. Until you do, this warning stays on this website. Nobody scams my family or friends.

This article has been written by me, PB van Geelen, and I am expressing my opinion and experiences. This article been written at my own will. If you have beef, come to me, not the other person you scammed.

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