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Operation Hermes: Carburetor and tyres II

This is an archived article

Alright, got the old rear tyre off the rim, put the new tyre on it and wrestled in the inner tube. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand punctured it. Feck xD. Oh well, I have now used the inner tube that was meant for the front tyre and all is well now. Perhaps I will patch the punctured tyre.

rear wheel done

So that's done, now I am cleaning the carburetor in an ultrasonic cleaner which for some strange reason scared my cat away. I noticed that the throttle slide was stuck and this is one of the key things where SU or CV carburetors can fail. They just work on air pressure and when the slide can't move properly, things will just not work. Gotta love those carbs. Mandarin for scale. More soon and have a great weekend!


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