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Excerpt from "Der Spion-meister: The Mole Hunter"

Every time I find a mention of a Honda moped, I copy that fragment into a post and it is up to you to buy the book or not. I'm not going to review the book or anything, I do not have the time for that.

Now he had noted that the Japanese were flooding the nation with sleek motor scooters, and that was a status symbol and a most sought after prize possession of Americas’ youth. He had to have one of these machines, of this there was no doubt. After much coaxing and cajoling, his daddy took him to the Honda dealer in another town and they got one for him, an SS 50, one of the super sport models. He was very proud of his brand new machine and he had hoped no calamity would befall him, like an incident years earlier when he had an old motor bike.


He really enjoyed his brand new Honda and it was a fantastic escape mechanism for him, adding a little bit of variety to his rather boring life. He would sit in his last period class and glance at his watch anticipating the ringing of the bell. Yes, he sat therc like Pavlovs’ dog, waiting as if to break away from his invisible leash. Once the bell sounded he’d bound for the door as the others and make the commute to his home and then he’d mount his mechanical horse and he was then off and running. He would cruise the country lanes and really loved the wonderfull feeling of the wind in his hair, as if an invisible hand were caressing him. This was just a little bit of his glory that his high spirited nature enjoyed, very satisfying and exhilarating.

Title: Der Spion-meister: The Mole Hunter
Author: John C. Zadrapa
ISBN10: 1420869876ISBN13: 9781420869873
Page: 211, 213, 217, 218

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