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Fuel consumption of a Honda PC50

Recognise this? Putting the fuel nozzle into your tank and already a trickle of fuel from the previous customer seeps into your fuel tank which makes you think "ha, that's a free kilometer!"? Letting the fuel nozzle drip dry after fueling because every drop is literally a few meters?

Hondas can, when in original state and well maintained, get you really far on just a little fuel. To prove this, I subscribed to and carefully logged all the fuelings and kilometers. You already got a preview if you saw the fuel consumtion table in the right column of this page.

It basically comes down to this: A Honda PC50 uses around 1 liter per 50 kilometers. That is around 118 miles per gallon! Every day I drive to work on this little machine and every time I have to fuel up, I laugh! And perhaps I could even use less fuel, but I'm just not a slow driver...

The statistics:

fueling pc50

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